Stella is the world’s first solar-powered family car designed by a multidisciplinary team of 22 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. The car with solar panels mounted on the roof has a range of 600 kilometres can accommodate comfortably up to four passengers. Stella doesn’t boast the coolest design (it looks like a flattened, wingless plane), but who cares about this when you can travel easier, cheaper and in a sustainable way?

The students explained that the times we’re living require a different type of transportation: safer, faster of course, greener. “The design of the car of the future has to meet the needs of modern consumers. The car must be capable of transporting a family from the Netherlands to France in one day, it needs to be suitable for the daily commute to work, and it needs to achieve all this in comfort.”

The vehicle is made of carbon and aluminium, it has LED strip lights and no buttons. All you’ve got is a neat and clear dashboard, with touchscreen functions. As a curiosity, the steering wheel contracts and expands, depending on the speed you travel at.

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