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Sony Limited Edition Laptops

Sony Limited Edition Laptops

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Here’s the first look at Sony’s Vaio Signature Collection!

Over the last week, I’ve been able to post some subtle hints about our newest line of VAIO notebooks. The cat’s out of the bag today and I can officially talk about the new VAIO Signature Collection. The collection includes unique models within VAIO’s CS, SR, P, Z and TT Series of notebooks. These special models offer a premium level of personalization and performance only available for purchase at Sony Style. Check out our Flickr page for more photos.

VAIO CS390 in “Crocodile”: My absolute favorite in the collection, the CS390 is offered in animal friendly crocodile skin. Colors include brown, pink and red. I have to give a shout out to the crew at Sony Insider for being the first to guess this from reading Monday’s, “10 Interesting Facts About Crocodiles” post. The laptops feature gold colored metal trim including the VAIO logo on the cover. The CS390JDV comes in a deep violet color featuring metallic trim and is the only CS model being offered with external graphics.

VAIO SR490 in “Gold”: The SR490 and SR490JCN brings the “bling” in its new champagne gold color.

VAIO P699E/Q: The highest configuration of the P series offered in the US, the P699E/Q includes a 256GB SSD and a new Atom Z540 (1.86GHz) higher end processor. The glossy black color is uber-chic.

The First Color Available in the VAIO Z Series: As an ode to oenophiles, we’re offering the first color model within the VAIO Z notebook series with Bordeaux Red.

A “Kaleidoscope” VAIO Z: There’s a lot to say about the Z790DND design besides its fun and funky Kaleidoscope look. The designers had to consider many challenges in bringing this design to life. First, they deployed a direct printing technology where an ink nozzle applies UV CURABLE HARD-COAT ink to the top panel and then applies a UV light to harden the ink. As a nod to “green”, the designers used a non-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) ink and Ozone-free UV lamp. Because the ink is applied directly to the top panel, the ink needed to withstand applied pressure, rubbing and moisture such as human sweat (gross). To increase the durability and help with moisture (like sweat, gross) they applied one additional clear coating to the top panel.

VAIO Z798Y/X: We’ve been coining this model the “Uber Z” as it’s a fully maxed out mobile PC with specs like a P9700 (2.8GHz) processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, BD R/W and Vista Ultimate OS, premium carbon fiber casing.

TT Series in Electric Blue: If you like attention, the TT290 or TT290NCL is for you. Offered in electric blue, this model is a bold retro throwback. – from SonyStyle

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