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Russell’s Reserve’s 1998: A Real Treat

Russell’s Reserve’s 1998: A Real Treat

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Russell’s Reserve 1998 entered our inboxes just as we began our search for the perfect spirits to add to our holiday wishlist. We’ve long loved the story of this father and son distilling duo, and generally love the brand’s limited edition releases — of which there have been quite a few this year alone.

That said, we’re particularly keen on this latest release, designed by Eddie for his father, Jimmy.

This particular liquid is the most complex and mature to be released under the Russell’s Reserve namesake – having spent its lifetime maturing in the distillery’s timber rickhouses and taken out of the barrels at the peak of its maturity. The result? A mature yet drinkable 102.2 proof, non-chill filtered, golden amber Bourbon, with notes of dried apricots, pears and bananas and featuring hints of nutmeg and cinnamon.

“Typically, a Bourbon this old picks up a lot of flavor from the barrel and can taste quite woody and dry. We like to retain the caramel, vanilla and fruity notes in our whiskies and this particular liquid seemed to reach a sweet spot around the 15 year mark,” said Master Distiller Eddie Russell.

With only 23 barrels of Bourbon bottled – the smallest batch ever under Jimmy and Eddie’s watch, Russell’s Reserve 1998 may become one of the most coveted releases ever bestowed upon the Bourbon community.

Only 2,070 bottles will be available nationwide, at around $250 each, making it the perfect “accessible luxury” gift for your favorite bourbon lover.

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