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Rolls-Royce Ghost Miniature Models Designed To Support Breast Cancer Care

Rolls-Royce Ghost Miniature Models Designed To Support Breast Cancer Care

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Auto enthusiasts collect miniature models of their favorite cars and flaunt their collection with pride. Rolls-Royce is luring its fans with a collection of twelve unique artworks, each featuring a 1:18 scale replica of the iconic Rolls-Royce Ghost. The auto maker has roped in twelve leading artists to give shape to one-of-a-kind collection to raise valuable funds for Breast Cancer Care.Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_3Renowned contemporary artists including Maggi Hambling, Richard Wentworth, Gavin Turk, Mark Wallinger, JJ Adams, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Charming Baker, Natasha Law, Angela Palmer, Andrew Salgado, Stuart Semple and Yinka Shonibare have worked upon the model motor car to roll out an extraordinary collection of one-off art pieces.Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_15Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_2Each creation rolls out the respective artist’s views in form of the mini yet majestic Ghost on wheels!

Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_6 Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_11 Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_7Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_16London artist Charming Baker explains the thinking behind his artwork, ‘One in Eight’. “It is important to me that the work I produce for this brief is relevant to the subject matter we’re dealing with. One in eight women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. So I have set the car in a clear block of resin, suspended in the middle of the block – floating, pristine. The block has been drilled 16 times, in a very orderly and simple grid pattern. Fourteen drill holes pass through the clear set resin only, two pass through the resin and the model car. It is a sculptural piece which looks very simple, but with an underlying reference to the huge numbers of people who are touched by breast cancer in the UK each year.”

Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_10Richard Carter, Director of Communications, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, spoke about the artistic take on the auto world, “This revered group of contemporary artists use Rolls-Royce Ghost models to create thought provoking works, all of which will be auctioned to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care. This has been an exhilarating collaboration which promises to raise valuable funds for a very worthy cause.”Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_14 Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_13Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_8These spectacular artworks will be on show for auction preview from 20-25 May 2015 at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London in Berkeley Square. The collaboration will conclude with a private auction at the Royal Automobile Club on 30 June 2015.Rolls_Royce_scale_model_breastcancer_auction_17Rolls-Royce Motors