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Retro Record Consoles from LUNO

Retro Record Consoles from LUNO

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Husband and wife team Dan Knowles and Jennifer Farmer founded their company LUNO with the goal of creating classic record consoles with a modern sound. The couple loved the aesthetic of retro record paraphernalia, but they found a lot of the actual vintage items to be lacking in the aural department — the consoles had either been worn down by time, or were designed with an emphasis more on appearance than sound.


LUNO’s flagship model is the EGB2, which gestures back to the 1950s and ’60s with its mid-century modern look while also possessing 21st century sound. In honor of the cocktail-soaked days of yore, the console doubles as a liquor cabinet and comes with custom, gold-rimmed whiskey glasses. The EGB2 can store up to 150 vinyl records and the turntable itself is carefully handwired and designed to produce a warm, superior sound.

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The company also offers custom built consoles, and boasts an ‘Artist Series’ which features themed cabinets inspired by famous musicians, such as a purple Prince console. Among LUNO’s line of accessories are a handful of unique storage options and their Buckley Listening Chair, which ties into the company’s mid-century modern aesthetic with its warm wood, sleek lines, and leather upholstery.

The EGB2 retails for $9,950. Interested individuals can contact the LUNO team for price estimates on custom pieces.