“I, Barack Hussein Obama …” President Barack Obama has taken the oath and has been sworn in for his second term as U.S. president on Sunday in a private, official ceremony ahead of Monday’s public Presidential inauguration. The oath was administered by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. in the White House Blue Room, an elegant, gilded space with a sweeping view of the South Lawn. The brief ceremony satisfied the Constitutional requirement that the president’s swearing-in take place by noon on the Jan. 20 after an election. President Obama was surrounded by immediate family members, including First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters, Malia and Sasha. The private inauguration took less than a minute and he didn’t make any remarks or statements. However, President Obama did take a moment to hug his wife and daughters, exclaiming: “I did it!”

Watch as President Barack Obama is sworn into office for his second term Sunday at the White House: