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Pregnancy Is No Time to Refuse a Flu Shot

Pregnancy Is No Time to Refuse a Flu Shot

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The NY Times weighs in what to do if you’re pregnant and debating if it’s wise to get a flu shot.

Pregnant women are deluged with advice about things to avoid: caffeine, paint, soft cheese, sushi. Even when evidence of possible harm is weak or purely theoretical, the overriding caveat is, “Don’t take it, don’t use it, don’t do it.” In a few contexts, the admonition is warranted; in most, it is merely inconvenient and anxiety provoking. But in the case of pandemic influenza, it may be deadly. With the second wave of swine flu at hand, and up to 50 percent of the public at risk, the usual mode of thinking about pregnancy and medications threatens to make a worrisome situation worse. – From NY Times