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Postcard from Paris V.13 – Monet’s Garden

Postcard from Paris V.13 – Monet’s Garden

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One of the most amazing parts of living in Paris is the spontaneity that drives everyone to organize last minute adventures. This past weekend I got a last minute invitation to drive to Giverny and visit Claude Monet’s home and his famous gardens. Of course I jumped on this opportunity, although I am pretty sure that I only got invited because someone else canceled and there was an extra seat in the car. Who cares- I get to see Monet’s gardens!

We met at a train station and took a car ride that is about an hour from Paris. Giverny, the village that has earned it’s popularity after Monet’s decided he wanted to rent a house there, was green and beautiful at this time of year. Monet later bought the house and arranged breathtaking gardens in order to have it as a painting subject. This is where we got the water lily and bridge paintings that are the most well known work of the impressionist artist.

Even though September is not known to be a hot month in France, I must say I was not pleased with the unbearable sun and incredible heat that followed us in the gardens. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed myself and couldn’t help but to think about the artistic energy that this place must have been full of in the 1900’s. Actually, the energy was still there. The flowers were in full bloom, even the lily’s still had not lost their inviting yet mysterious blossoms.

Later we got to go inside the home where Monet lived. We were instructed that we cannot take any pictures, but you know me. Of course, I was sneaky and snapped some anyways. To see some of those pictures you can see my post here.