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Postcard from Paris V.21 – Bretagne, France

Postcard from Paris V.21 – Bretagne, France

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As much as I love Paris, sometimes a gal just needs to get away from the city. Especially a gal who is used to living in Los Angeles where her car could take her to the mountains for a hike in under 10 minutes, or have a lovely day at the beach that is only a 5 minute walk away.

When a planned trip during the long weekend to Germany fell through, another great opportunity knocked on the door. A trip for two days in Britanny, a beautiful peninsula in the north west of France. I didn’t hesitate for a minute and called on the only seat still left in the car.

The first day we woke late due to our even later arrival the night before. With no obligations or preplanned excursions we took our time with our brunch and headed out to explore. Our first spot (which turned out to be the only one for that day) was the beach. Ahhh, the beach. While others wore their rain boots I hurried and took off my shoes to feel the sand on my bare feet. I ran into the water that was surprisingly warm and spend the next two hours collecting shells and taking pictures. We decided then that we must return tomorrow morning for a lovely jog along the coast. And the next day we did just that.

Even though rain is pretty common in this area of France, the gods smiled upon us and gave us nothing but sunshine for two days. Day two was dedicated to discovering the small towns of Bretagne, and of course lets not forget the salt shopping! (They are known there for their salt “mining”).

I had to return earlier than others due to work, so I hopped on the train for my three hour ride back to Paris. As I watched lights flicker in pitch darkness through my window, I made a promise to myself to explore other parts of France as much as I can.