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Plaza Athénée Nobu Hotel and Spa New York

Plaza Athénée Nobu Hotel and Spa New York

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
Plaza Athénée Nobu Hotel and Spa New York

Step into a world where timeless elegance meets modern luxury, where exquisite design fuses with exceptional service, where two globally recognized brands unite to redefine the future of hospitality. The world of Nobu Hospitality and Asset World Corp (AWC) is about to expand with the unveiling of two grand Plaza Athenee Nobu Hotels and Spas in two of the world’s most vibrant and captivating cities – New York and Bangkok. A brand-new era of ultra-luxury is on the horizon, promising a blend of tradition and innovation, crafted for those who seek the extraordinary.

In a vibrant announcement from the forefront of the luxury lifestyle industry, Nobu Hospitality and Asset World Corp (AWC) have embarked on an ambitious venture: the launch of two grand Plaza Athenee Nobu Hotels and Spas. These transformative developments will be unveiled in two of the globe’s most thriving and charismatic cities – New York and Bangkok.

Nestled within the timeless elegance of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Plaza Athenee Nobu Hotel and Spa New York is poised to be a sanctuary of sophistication. A blend of high fashion and laid-back luxury, the 145-room establishment presents an exquisite ambiance, featuring suites with indoor and outdoor glassed terraces, gazebos, and an exclusive townhouse option offering unparalleled service. Unwind in the tranquil warmth of a traditional Japanese onsen or discover a world of rejuvenation at the spa and wellness center.

Awaken your senses in the hotel’s signature Nobu restaurant, where the art of omakase – entrusting your dining experience to the discretion of the chef – brings an immersive element of surprise to your meal. Meanwhile, the bar, lounge, and private rooftop area offer enticing spaces to connect and unwind against the city’s captivating skyline.

Halfway around the globe, the Plaza Athenee Nobu Hotel and Spa Bangkok will take root in the revered East Asiatic Company (EAC) Heritage Building, an enchanting landmark by the Chao Phraya River. Each location capitalizes on its uniquely desirable locale, with AWC championing strategic, quality-driven growth that fuels continuous expansion.

This partnership marks a milestone in AWC’s collaboration with Nobu Hospitality. Together, they intend to invigorate two iconic heritage buildings, infusing each with the high-touch, contemporary elegance synonymous with their brand identities. This endeavor also signifies Nobu’s thrilling first step into the New York hotel market.

“Our vision is to create unique experiences for customers while developing sustainable values for all stakeholders,” says Wallapa Traisorat, CEO of AWC. “The Plaza Athenee Nobu Hotel and Spa New York and The Plaza Athenee Nobu Hotel and Spa Bangkok will offer the unique luxury of the Plaza Athenee brand intertwined with the minimalist Japanese tradition of Nobu.”

Nobu Hospitality CEO Trevor Horwell echoes the excitement, expressing gratitude for AWC’s trust and expressing that the venture “will redefine the standards of luxury and sophistication not only in Thailand but also in the U.S.”

These projects embody an alignment of vision between AWC and Nobu Hospitality. A harmonious blending of classical European architecture with modern simplicity will be the essence of the two hotels, which are slated to open their doors in 2026.

The Bangkok project aims to elevate Thailand’s luxury travel scene with a unique ‘East meets West’ concept, offering a world-class F&B experience integrated into a River Journey concept. With an intimate connection to other AWC projects along the Chao Phraya River, it will provide a distinctive riverfront experience, even featuring a special Nobu cruise boat for bespoke private functions.

“The Plaza Athenee Nobu Hotel and Spa Bangkok and the Plaza Athenee Nobu Hotel and Spa New York will set new benchmarks in the industry,” says Wallapa. With the fusion of Plaza Athenee’s ultra-luxury and Nobu’s modern lifestyle, these new additions are sure to carve out a unique place in the heart of global travelers.

The union of Nobu Hospitality and Asset World Corp in these two monumental ventures signals a fresh chapter in the tale of luxury hospitality. As we eagerly await the grand unveilings, we can be certain that these new landmarks will usher in an era of heightened luxury and sophisticated elegance. For the discerning Pursuitist, the allure of Plaza Athenee Nobu Hotels and Spas promises more than just a place to stay; it offers an opportunity to live the extraordinary, to experience a world-class fusion of cultures, and to bask in an ambiance where every detail is designed for the exceptional. An unforgettable journey awaits in New York and Bangkok, ready to be written in the golden book of luxury travel.