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Pet Rat Couture

Pet Rat Couture

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Chances are you missed the Rat Convention in New York City this past weekend, but thanks to pet clothing designer Ada Nieves, the not-so-popular animals could soon step into the limelight. In what must be the best publicity stunt for rats since animated movie Ratatouille, Nieves staged a fashion show as part of the Pet Postcard Project, starring rats in everything from bridal dresses (and veils!) to urban wear. The designer, who usually dresses cats and dogs, says in a YouTube video posted on May 30: “Making outfits for chihuahuas, there’s not much difference to making outfits for a rat…or whatever they are.” And she explains: “I asked: Why don’t we dress them up? It would be hysterical. It would immediately change the image that people have of rats.”

And indeed, at the fashion shows, Nieves says, you could “see the faces chance, everyone is smiling, everybody wants to pet them..,” although, to be fair, visitors to a rat convention are probably already quite taken by the species.