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Palm Pre launch plans leaked

Palm Pre launch plans leaked

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Here’s news on the first iPhone killer… the Palm Pre…

Sprint has published a real page turner here — some 22 pages of the most telling Pre details we’ve seen to date. It’s a very business-centric document, but a lot of the stuff revealed in here applies to each and every user that’s buying a Pre since much of the functionality is managed through Palm’s owned-and-operated cloud. Follow the break for some of the major takeaways we’re seeing. – from Engadget

It’s chock full of juicy details — including the dates of a Hollywood promotional event (June 3), a New York executive breakfast (June 5) and invitation-only VIP events at 10 flagship stores (June 5). For the rest of us, who have to wait for the official June 6 launch, there are instructions to staff about who should and shouldn’t be sold Palm’s (PALM) bet-the-company device. “We Can’t Afford to Sell the Pre to the Wrong Customers,” warns the call-out text. But most relevant for would-be buyers — and competitors — are the details of Sprint’s (S) pricing plans, which start at $69.99 (for “Everything Data” and 450 calling minutes per month) and $99.99 (for “Simply Everything,” which includes unlimited minutes). – from Fortune