Boca Do Lobo‘s exquisite Fortuna dining table strikes with its impressive beauty. Designed to encompass “the materialization of luck and fortune”, this unique dining table merges the organic rings seen on wood with a fascinating metal gold finish that represents the idea of luxury and elegance. The Dining Table Metal Gold is perfect for up to 8 people, definitely becoming a powerful focal point for any dining room. Its fresh, luxurious design is shaped out of scaled brass tubes acting as the legs and supporting brass log rings shaping the tabletop.

Cracks in the design reinforce the idea of an organic inspiration, stating that natural beauty can always become part of dreams and can be re imagined to suit our modern lifestyle. Symbolizing the control one has over life, the Fortuna Dining Table showcases a still moment captured in the life of a tree – you can choose to display the iron or copper version in your home and leave your guests with a strong impression after each dinner.  You might remember the intriguing Heritage Sideboard part of the same brand’s portfolio – opulence is a great word to describe their style and this is once again proven by their newest addition to the wonderful furniture collection – this astounding gold dining table.