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Opulence Display in Jakarta: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

Opulence Display in Jakarta: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

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Hotel Indonesia Kempinski is much more than a striking modern building, it is also the first five star hotel in Indonesia, a display of richness beyond imaginable. Located in the central business and embassy district in Jakarta, the hotel is characterized by a flashy, contemporary design, enjoyable by all those looking for a eccentric getaway.

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski has no less than 289 spacious rooms and suites, with a design that is said to be inspired by contemporary Indonesian art and style. Extravagant lighting schemes, numerous mirrors and an abundance of colors make the interiors of the hotel resemble a giant, luxurious party zone. A further argument to this idea is a generous rooftop swimming pool. Taking a dip into the heart of a metropolitan city may be captivating, if you don’t mind the lack of privacy.

For more information, rates and reservations, check out the official website of the first five-star hotel in Indonesia here.