“This is the result of almost two and a half years of work.  This is a film that was not financed by any American major.  It was… difficult to make,” admitted celebrated filmmaker Oliver Stone as he took the stage at the 5th annual Los Cabos International Film Festival before screening his latest work, ‘Snowden.’


Known for directing films that drive conversation and inspire controversy, Stone was on hand at the Festival to receive a special tribute to his career and body of work.  After accepting his award, he took a few moments to describe why making this film was important to him.

“The story you are about to see is the perspective of — and version of — Edward Snowdon told by him.  This is the way it went down.  We checked what we could, but this is his interpretation, I believe, of his life, to date.  He didn’t want the attention; it came anyway,” he said of the drama surrounding the NSA whistleblower.


“People, I don’t believe, understood everything he was saying in 2013 because it is very hard to understand technical matters, and they focused on him.  ‘Kill the messenger, you kill the message,’ so it’s very important.  There is a lot of information that was unknown to the American public until now. ”

Snowden is also currently playing in select theaters in the United States.