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Noma Co-Founder Planning Food Hall and Restaurant at New York’s Grand Central

Noma Co-Founder Planning Food Hall and Restaurant at New York’s Grand Central

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A man who helped a small, Danish restaurant in Copenhagen make a giant leap from obscurity to be named the world’s best restaurant multiple times is in the midst of drawing up plans for a Nordic food hall and restaurant in Grand Central Terminal in New York.

Claus MeyerHe’s the lesser known culinary partner of René Redzepi, chef of award-winning restaurant Noma.

And Claus Meyer’s Midas touch has been solicited to help build a food hall in Grand Central that will pay homage to new Nordic cuisine, reports the Village Voice.

In an interview with the publication, Meyer said he plans to work with local farmers to create a Scandinavian-themed menu, which may include salads, sandwiches, and drinks.

Not sure what New Nordic cuisine means? In a nutshell, Meyer describes it as bright, fresher and less fatty than the classical American and European diets.

Meyer is no stranger to bold, pioneering, entrepreneurial projects.

Last year, Meyer set off on a mission to do for Bolivia what he helped do for Scandinavia: shine the spotlight on native cuisine and elevate it to fine dining heights.

Meyer helped open Gustu restaurant in La Paz last year in an effort to revive native Bolivian cuisine and restore pride in their culinary heritage.

His Nordic food hall, meanwhile, is set to open in New York in 2016, says the Village Voice.

Another highly anticipated food hall opening? Food and TV personality Anthony Bourdain has said he plans to open an international food emporium in New York that will be modeled after Singaporean street hawkers. The food hall will feature Asian food stalls, retail shops for gourmet foods and a pop-up market.

Though Bourdain and his business partner Stephen Werthen have remained mum about the exact location and opening date of the food market, rumors are rife that the venture will end up at 3 World Trade Center.