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Nokia Erdos 8800 luxury phone appears in video

Nokia Erdos 8800 luxury phone appears in video

Alex Carter

This looks very sexy….

A reliable source has just sent us a deck describing Nokia’s upcoming luxury phone in its 8800 portfolio. Codenamed Erdos, the device will be Nokia’s most high-profile luxury handset south of Vertu.

So what’s the Erdos all about? For starters, it will be an engineering masterpiece. When the phone’s cover is slid, the keymat raises up to meet the display’s level. On the rear, it also reveals a 5.0 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics.

The deck also talks about the fact that it is carved out of a single piece of metal that they’d market as ‘bullet silver.’ A material that we commonly know as stainless steel.

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On the memory front, it will be 8 GB of fixed internal memory with no microSD card slot.

Update: More details pouring in – the display is covered by glass, which remains silver when the screen is off and becomes transparent when the screen is turned on. And it runs on Symbian S60. – from Cellpassion

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