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Luxury Travel Trends for 2014: Technology And Voluntourism

Luxury Travel Trends for 2014: Technology And Voluntourism

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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As the term “luxury travel” continues to be defined and transformed, The Pursuitist is talking to the leading travel experts as they share the latest trends, innovations and topics in travel. Today, we speak with two experts in the luxury travel industry as they share the emerging trends in travel that they see on the horizon for 2014. Here are the latest luxury travel trends:

“Technology will contribute to transform luxury hospitality and travel in innovative and intuitive ways. Touchscreen entertainment and communication centers with WiFi will become omnipresent on international air carriers as demonstrated by Taiwanese airline EVA Air’s impressive new Sky Wi-Fi and All-Star Gallery Entertainment System. It features wider visual and audio programming, new HD capabilities, multiple-touch 11″ and 16″ screens, noise-canceling headphones, and remote controls with video displays that allow passengers to play games and watch movies at the same time.

And luxury hotels will take technology to extremes. The Peninsula Hong Kong leads the pack with the hospitality industry’s most advanced in-room electronic guest services. With the swipe of a screen, user-friendly Samsung Galaxy tablets with custom apps control the entertainment center (TV, DVD, video-on-demand, audio, gaming), lighting, temperature, alarm clock, curtains, printer, broadband, concierge services, room privacy, and in-room dining, and provide data such as weather, restaurant and spa menus, and suggested itineraries.” – from Vicki Arkoff, @VickiArkoff

The Peninsula Hong Kong

“In regards to hotels, comfortable, well-appointed and welcoming properties take the edge. Gone are the days of stuffy lobbies and cordoned off hallways. Instead, luxury properties are more open and inviting, encouraging guests to mingle in public spaces instead of retreating immediately to their guestrooms, creating a sense of community.

I also think that experiential travel continues to be on trend – people want to get out and see and do and experience destinations, not just sit idly by. Don’t get me wrong, though – a few days spent beach- or poolside are always in order! Experiential travel is being complimented with voluntourism, too. Not only are travelers experiencing the places they’re in, but giving back, too. Hotels are jumping on board with this, too, some even offering packages that include accommodations and voluntourism opportunities.” – from Susan Barnes, @travlin_girl