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Luxe Makeup & Skincare: 5 Things You Need This Season

Luxe Makeup & Skincare: 5 Things You Need This Season

When it comes to staying on top of the latest makeup trends, having the right tools and products is essential. This season, your makeup bag should should have everything from luxe innovative skincare essentials to makeup essentials. Here are 5 things you need his season: 


eyebrow pencil

Kjaer Weis Brow Pencil

Smooth like powder, and precise like pencil, the Kjaer Weis Brow Pencil effortlessly, naturally defines brows. The smooth, blendable formula fills in sparse areas seamlessly and create natural looking hair-like strokes for a soft, sophisticated finish. $30 at & Bluemercury


ILIA Beauty The Base Face Milk

The Base Face Milk is a milk texture moisturizer that instantly hydrate, reduce redness, smooth texture and strengthen the skin barrier through key skin loving ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid, Barrier Renewal Complex, Microalgae Extract, Prickly Pear Flower Extract, Allantoin, and Plant-Based Squalane.  When it comes to luxe skincare, the Base is the perfect balance between a traditional moisturizer and a light essence, and over time, skin is smoother, stronger, and more radiant, with hydration that lasts throughout the day. $58 on : &

serum, Luxe Skincare

SAINT JANE Beauty Star Flower Serum

This niacinamide serum hydrates and plumps all while calming and soothing the skin with micropearl bubbles that burst upon application of the skin. The soft scent in refreshing, and you will notice a glow after a few uses. Available at Sephora and $95. 

balmain, Luxe haircare

Balmain Hair Frangrance

To celebrate their golden 50th anniversary, Balmain has introduced three exquisite hair fragrances under the HÉRITAGE 1974 COLLECTION. Crafted by the esteemed Niche Fragrance Award-winning perfumer, Cécile Zarokian, each of these unisex scents is formulated with premium ingredients, designed to elevate your hair’s natural allure while delivering a captivating, long-lasting, aromatic experience. Options include Ginger 1974 Hair Perfume (spicy ginger, invigorating fir balsam, rich gourmand notes, soft suede and clean white musk), Cardamom 1974 Hair Perfume ( ardamom, lemon, vanilla, and blackcurrant) and Vetiver 1974 Hair Perfume (grapefruit, delicate florals, earthy vetiver, grounding cedarwood and nourishing balsams).  $177 each at,, Balmain Hair Salons.


SiO Beauty’s beauty patches

SiO’s medical-grade SuperLift silicone patches are clinically proven to boost hydration, smooth lines in as little as two hours, lift and give a refreshing, and plumping glow to under eyes, forehead and smile lines. Made from 100%medical grade silicone, the patches can be reused up to 10x and deliver hydration.  $49.99 at