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Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bulgari And Hermes Branded Fashionable Foodstuff By Peddy Mergui

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bulgari And Hermes Branded Fashionable Foodstuff By Peddy Mergui

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Iconic names from luxury and fashion industry can be seen on a number of products ranging from apparels, jewelry, accessories and even home décor. However have you ever come across food stuff branded by the likes of Prada, Hermes, Cartier and Burberry? A cup of Cartier coffee with a dash of Apple iMilk sounds luxuriously refreshing!

Louis_Vuitton_salami_Peddy_MerguiLouis Vuitton Salami

Prada_flour_Peddy_MerguiPrada Whole Wheat Flour

Of course, we have already seen similar high-designer branded grocery stuff up on the shelves at the Chanel Shopping Center. But that was just conceptualized by Karl Lagerfeld only to stage his autumn/winter 2014 collection in Paris. This time Israel-based artist Peddy Mergui has triumphed in bringing our attention to boxes, cans and containers that are stamped with the names of the world’s top-end lifestyle and fashion brands. Why else would we give a second look to packed flour, infant formula, seasonings, milk, noodles and other stuff?

Tiffany_Yogurt_Peddy_MerguiTiffany & Co. Natural Yoghurt

The artist’s ongoing “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat” exhibition at San Francisco’s Museum of Craft & Design throws light on the influence of the most renowned brands on the society. 

Versace_easter_eggs_Peddy_MerguiVersace Easter Eggs

Also highlighting the essence of smart and attractive packaging of a product that the targeted market can relate too, Mergui states “High-end brands are not selling the products, they are selling the lifestyle.”

Apple_imilk_Peddy_MerguiApple iMilk

The artist also mentioned that those all who have already witnessed the exhibit have really liked it and added “I felt a bit confused. You’re just buying flour, or milk, or whatever — this is a basic thing.”

Bulgari_butter_Peddy_MerguiBulgari Butter

Also warning the consumers of the devious marketing tactics by producers, he stated, “Actually, be aware that you’re being manipulated by the visual aspects of packaging.”

Burberry_Noodle_Peddy_MerguiBurberry Cup Noodles

Cartier_coffee_Peddy_MerguiCartier Coffee

Chanel_infant_milk_powder_ Peddy_MerguChanel Instant Formula

Dolce_Gabanna_Peddy_MerguiDolce & Gabbana Petit Beurre

Gucci_Pickles_Peddy_MerguiGucci Pickles

Hermes_salt_pepper_peddy_merguiHermes Salt and Pepper

Nike_fruits_Peddy_MerguiNike Fruits

The Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is will be running up till June 15.


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