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Long Rifle Soap Company introduces organic bath line

Long Rifle Soap Company introduces organic bath line

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One of the great things about traveling is I often find new luxury products that have nothing to do with the cars I get to drive. In this case my travels led me to my new favorite soap. Yes, soap.

Handmade in small batches using unrefined shea butter and organic, locally-sourced tallow, Long Rifle Soap Company produces a variety of soaps crafted specifically for men. I’ve been using their Stealth soap, which is made from activated charcoal, anise, pine and cedarwood oils. Originally created to help hunters sneak up on deer, it also works great if you’d rather not have people pick up your scent in business meetings or at cocktail parties. Their range also includes great scents like Grapefruit:Clove, Camp Wood, Clubhouse and Eucalyptus:Mint. For your post-workout shower, you might want to try their Cardamom:Black Pepper bar. The black pepper essential oil in this bar soothes sore muscles and relieves joint pain.

Long Rifle also produces a line of beard oils and waxes as well as their all-natural Lip Stuff, the best lip balm I’ve ever used.

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Because they’re handcrafted in small batches availability shifts as ingredients are available and new varieties are being introduced all the time. Check out their full line of products and order online at www.longriflesoap.com.

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