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Le Quattro Stagioni Illuminates As The World’s First Asymmetrical Gold Chandelier

Le Quattro Stagioni Illuminates As The World’s First Asymmetrical Gold Chandelier

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Italian glassmaking company that specializes in crafting stunning light creations has just unveiled the world’s first asymmetrical 24 karat gold-plated chandelier.Le_Quattro_Stagioni_chandelier_details_2De Majo has unveiled Le Quattro Stagioni aka The Four Seasons. Designed by Francesco Dei Rossi and Roberto Assenza, this asymmetrical chandelier rises up to four levels with six arms illuminating at each level. The three meter tall chandelier is made of 370 handmade Murano glass elements of different colours which are completely covered with 24kt fine gold leaf.

Le_Quattro_Stagioni_chandelier_details_1Unlike the traditional pattern of the rotation along a circumference of the arm in a chandelier, the new creation blossoms with asymmetric arms that are rotated, according to a spiral pattern, referring to the cycles of the seasons. Such an arrangement of the arms doesn’t give to the chandelier a canonical pyramid-shape, but cylindrical form. Fitted with a total of 72 light points, the arms extend as branches, while fulfilling the traditional function of holding the bulbs.

Le_Quattro_Stagioni_chandelier_detailsThis extraordinary chandelier has been conceived and christened on the basis of the final division of the year into four parts, the two solstices, summer and winter, and the two equinoxes, spring and autumn. The chandelier is described as the garden of the Murano tradition that became a part of nature captured in its development cycle.

Le Quattro Stagioni lights up as the world’s first asymmetrical gold chandelier for about $176,000.