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Brasserie Le Rouge, Stockholm

Brasserie Le Rouge, Stockholm

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If you are ever in Stockholm, but missing the genuine Amsterdam feel, we have a tip that might interest you. Today’s luxury restaurant is inspired by the famous Red District and has an atmosphere that could be defined as  “intense”.

Brasserie Le Rouge is a restaurant characterized by personality and an overall friendly environment. Its inspiration source may be controversial, but the refinement and quality of the food and drink services here are guaranteed by the managers. Contrary to all beliefs, the dishes served in this lavish restaurant are neither from Sweden, nor The Netherlands, but Italian and French. Talk about diversity!

It may look small, but the chic brasserie has a total capacity of 140 seats, divided between a large dining room, a bar, lounge and the “chambre separee”. The vivid colors give the place a vibrant, inviting feel, reminding one of the notorious Moulin Rouge. Lush draperies, ornamental tableware and lighting fixtures only enhance its well defined personality.

This is definitely the type of space that can be perceived in a variety of ways. You could find it too extravagant or simply fall for its unconventional design. “Love it or hate it”. Either way, it is alive, fresh and daring.