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Last Minute Luxe: Whiskeys, Scotches and Bourbons for the Luxe Drinker On Your List

Last Minute Luxe: Whiskeys, Scotches and Bourbons for the Luxe Drinker On Your List

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It’s time to get shopping! 

We’re just four days from Christmas, and you may be wondering what to get for the person on your list who has everything. The holidays are the perfect occasion to elevate a favorite drink, and these limited edition, reserve and premium spirits, some of the best of the best of our favorite releases from this past year, make the perfect last-minute gift. There’s something for everyone on the list below – so get shopping!

TLD 48YO bottle and mini

The Last Drop ($4,000) 

There are less than 600 bottles of this rare 48 year old blended Scotch Whisky in existence. The Last Drop is a rare labor of love and a true gem in any collector’s case. Smooth and complex with a slow release of ripened peaches, pear brandy and toasted oak wood, this sipping whisky is packaged in a handmade forest green leather case with a signature 50ml replica miniature for sharing with a friend.

This limited-edition from The Glasgow Distillery Company was named in honor of one of the most renowned Titans of Greek mythology who gifted humankind with
fire, stolen from Mount Olympus. Arising from its precious sleep is a 26 years whisky of sublime sophistication and balance. This unique whisky begins with a warm bouquet, lush with sweet notes of butterscotch, heather, orange zest and smoky charcoal and develops with creamy and peppery notes, and aromas of roasted nuts, nutmeg and clove along with hints of Madagascan vanilla, dark chocolate, rich fruitcake, heather honey, candied fruits and smoke.

Sinatra Century Bottle Only

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century ($500) 

Like all of Jack Daniel’s expressions, Sinatra Century is crafted using the same cave spring water from the Jack Daniel’s Hollow, proprietary yeast and charcoal-mellowing process that’s been used in the distillery’s nearly 150-year-old Tennessee Whiskey recipe. From there, the liquid enters specially selected “Sinatra” barrels hand-picked out by master distiller Jeff Arnett. In the barrels, the liquid is exposed to extra layers of perfectly toasted oak through a carving process only done at the Jack Daniel’s Cooperage. This allows the ultra-premium whiskey to achieve a pleasantly smoky and rich oak aroma that Sinatra was known to adore. Additionally, the set will also offer a selection of previously unreleased Sinatra tracks, entitled “Sinatra Live at the Sands in 1966,” to accompany the specially designed Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Century bottle.


Russell’s Reserve 1998, $250
This particular liquid is the most complex and mature to be released under the Russell’s Reserve namesake – having spent its lifetime maturing in the distillery’s timber rickhouses and taken out of the barrels at the peak of its maturity. The result? A mature yet drinkable 102.2 proof, non-chill filtered, golden amber Bourbon, with notes of dried apricots, pears and bananas and featuring hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. There were only 23 barrels of this particular bourbon made (around 2,000 bottles) so act fast if you want to pick this up for someone on your special list!


Usquaebach Old Rare Superior Scotch Whisky ($135, engraved) 

We love this creation mostly for the cool bottle. The Old Rare Superior Blend is the flagship Scotch packaged in its original porcelain flagon dating back to a time when whisky was bottled in ceramic. The Old Rare Superior Blend is created from 41 exceptional Single Malt Scotch whiskies and 2 of the Highland’s finest Grain whiskies aged in sherry oak hogshead casks. A bottle of Scotch for the discerning whisky drinker and collector. BONUS: personalized engraving options are available for the holiday season through Reserve Bar (engraved pricing, $135).


Maker’s Mark Cask Strength ($60) 
Released earlier this spring, this extra strong find from Marker’s Mark is a fun stocking stuffer.  The iconic bourbon in its purest form, cask is unfiltered and uncut at a proof ranging from 108-114.