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The Last Drop 50 Year Old Whiskey Is Worth $4,000 Till The Last Drop

The Last Drop 50 Year Old Whiskey Is Worth $4,000 Till The Last Drop

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Raise a toast and savor it till the last drop to celebrate the launch of The Last Drop 50 year old Scotch whiskey. This rare 50-year-old whiskey is a blend of 82 whiskies. Up for $4,000, only 388 bottles of this pricey and rich whiskey will be available in the UK, US, Hong Kong, China and other countries.

Bottled by hand and sealed with wax, each of The Last Drop bottle nestles in a luxurious red leather case. And those who need to sample this blend before opening the bottle can do so from the 50 ml miniature that comes along. The box also ships with a ‘secret drawer’ that holds a signed and numbered, leather-bound book, certifying the bottle of The Last Drop 1950. There is an option to pen down personal tasting notes too.

This magnificent liquid was released way back as a premium 12-year-old. However three casks were overlooked and lay at the back of the warehouse, evaporating and developing an unequaled richness of nose and taste. The special contents of these barrels have now been bottled as the 50-year-old blended Scotch whiskey.


Estimated to double its value in less than five years, The Last Drop is not just for drinkers as it will lead to a scramble among collectors because old Scotch whiskey makes a sound investment. This wax-sealed bottle with the ancient spirit will remain perfect forever, to be a treasure that can be passed on to the next generations. 

Fifty years in old and new oak have made it, as Jim Murray, the author of one of the world’s leading whisky guide says, “an astonishing, life-remembering dram of labyrinthine complexity.”

James Espey, Founder and Chairman of The Last Drop Distillers Limited, also explains the reason for not bottling all of the three casks that produced the 1960. He states, “We decided to take a chance and put some back into new wood because we wanted to blend it up to over 50 years minimum (the oldest whisky in the original 1960 was 48 years old). It came out brilliantly…now, it was 52% alcohol in the 1960, the new whisky which had another four years in wood is well over 50. The average age is nearer to 60, and the alcohol had gone from 52 to 50.9, but magnificent.”

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