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Lamborghini Sofa Is A Must Have For Lambo Fans

Lamborghini Sofa Is A Must Have For Lambo Fans

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Lamborghini needs no introduction. Luring auto buffs with pieces of supercar themed furniture, the Polish makers of Bugatti Veyron desk have launched the Lamborghini sofa. Park the lambo couch in your living room, den, study or even the office to flaunt your passion for cars, especially the Italian luxury sports car brand. lamborghini_sofa_4Exclusively customized to cater to the client’s demands, the new lambo couch is shaped out of fiberglass to resemble the street legal Lamborghini car. The high-end sofa can be personalized in a range of colors too, right from the iconic yellow and deep orange to the all-time favorite supercar shade black.

lamborghini_sofa_1Defined by comfort and style, the bold design with rich vibrant colors and color combinations make the pieces look powerful and roaring to go.

lamborghini_sofa_3Starting from $11,890, the Lamborghini sofa will take about four months to reach your den after placing the order at Design Epicentrum. It completely complements the Lamboghini desk!

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