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Kors Vodka releases three limited edition bottles costing up to $24,500

Kors Vodka releases three limited edition bottles costing up to $24,500

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kors-vodkaHigh-end luxury vodka label, Kors Vodka has released three different, handmade limited edition bottles costing up to $24,500. The vodka is available exclusively through their new corporate gift program.

“We’re excited to be revealing the first luxury vodka business program. All our bottles are designed and customized for pure drinking perfection that every business partner will appreciate,” states Tim Wright who is in charge of business program for the prestigious vodka label.

The Kors corporate collection service offers three limited edition bottles to choose from, with prices ranging between $12,500 and $24,500.

The company prides itself on attention to detail and believes that nothing should be overlooked when it comes to the presentation of their vodka. Everything is applied by hand and takes skilled craftsmen several days to perfect. The Vodka itself is created using a unique diamond distillation process that utilizes water from the Italia Alps and is stored in iconic handmade crystal bottles with real gold decorations.

Each bottle is presented in walnut wood box and wrapped in Persian silk. With the Kors Vodka Corporate Program, buyers can even have their own personal note engraved on a gold plate included in the walnut box. Each bottle can be delivered anywhere in the world, 365 days a year.

Known as the “Tsar’s Vodka,” Kors Vodka is a super-premium limited edition vodka that has been produced using the same recipe for over a century. This top-guarded recipe was once considered lost and was created especially for the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II and King George V of England.