Talk about an odd pairing…. Karl Lagerfeld and Rachel Bilson have collaborated on an original film series inspired (whatever that means) by Magnum Ice Cream… Yes, I’m sure Karl is very inspired by Magnum Ice Cream. Here’s the official news below, but they send this news out without including any video of Karl Lagerfeld’s inspiration? Sigh….

April 21st will be a night of super-premium premieres as the red carpet rolls out during the Tribeca Film Festival for the debut of an original film series by Karl Lagerfeld, starring Rachel Bilson, marking the U.S. introduction of Magnum – a super-premium ice cream recognized around the world as a symbol of indulgent pleasure. In producing the films, Magnum ice cream brought together the talents of a creative genius and a style-setting starlet for a three-piece series inspired by one of the world’s largest ice cream brands.

In the series, Karl Lagerfeld brings his legendary creative prowess behind the camera to direct Rachel Bilson in a series of short films – offering American audiences a look into the pleasurable lifestyle Magnum ice cream has cultivated around the world for more than 20 years.

Simultaneous to the exclusive premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, the lead film will be released to viewers around the world on Magnum’s Facebook page,

Attendees at the premiere will be among the first in the U.S. to taste Magnum ice cream bars – crafted of silky vanilla bean or rich, chocolate ice cream with thick, crackling Belgian chocolate – before they are available nationwide in April.

“Karl Lagerfeld’s creative vision has always inspired me, and this series brings his concept of pleasure to life,” said Rachel Bilson. “The films capture the indulgence and luxury of Magnum ice cream. My character believes that a day without pleasure is a day lost, and that’s a perfect representation of the Magnum lifestyle – and my personal philosophy, too.”

In the sensory-rich films, Rachel Bilson plays the heroine in three distinct vignettes. “Photo Mood” features Rachel Bilson as an annoyed famous model who finds the pleasure she’s been seeking in the form of a smooth and delicious Magnum ice cream bar. “Applause” stars Rachel Bilson as a world-renowned prima ballerina who, when unexpectedly faced with an over-zealous throng of fans and the amorous embrace of her boyfriend, played by internationally renowned model Baptiste Giabiconi, evades them all to savor a moment for herself by enjoying a Magnum bar. In “Art Class,” Rachel Bilson is an art student obsessed by her strong desire for a Magnum ice cream bar, and is then inspired to create a beautiful work of art as she satisfies her craving.

“The exceptional taste and fine quality of Magnum ice cream has left an indelible mark on the collective palate of discerning consumers around the world,” said Brian Manning, Vice President of Brand Building in the ice cream division at Unilever, the maker of Magnum. “Karl Lagerfeld has inspired women to pursue the pleasures of fashion and life gracefully for decades. We intuitively knew he would carry that same mentality to the set. His creative vision brings the pleasure of enjoying Magnum ice cream to life in an inspirational, beautiful art form.”

The first trailer of the films will post on the Magnum ice cream Facebook page on April 19, ahead of the films’ premiere during the Tribeca Film Festival and on Facebook.

“Both Karl Lagerfeld and Rachel Bilson have an uncompromising sense of style, and are driven by their passions in life,” Manning said. “The Magnum campaign reminds women that pleasure is theirs for the taking—they just need to reach for it.”

Rachel Bilson also appears in global print and television advertising. The print ad, which debuts in May, is shot through the creative lens of Karl Lagerfeld and brings the pleasure of enjoying Magnum ice cream to life in the high-style manner for which he’s famous. This campaign will showcase striking visuals of Rachel Bilson with decadent Magnum ice cream bars. The television spot will debut in late April.