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Johnnie Walker Double Black

Johnnie Walker Double Black

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Scotch maker Johnnie Walker is set to introduce Johnnie Walker Double Black to the world.

The blended Scotch was originally offered earlier this year in six airport duty-free channels, but demand was such that it will now be made available globally in 2011.

The Double Black takes the original Black and adds heavily peated malts. The Scotch is then aged in deeply charred oak casks, giving it an extra smokey flavor.

Global brand director David Gates said: “Interest in the Scotch whisky category continues to be high and we believe consumers want to explore the huge range of flavour experiences that a brand like Johnnie Walker can deliver.”

While packaged in a distinctive smoky grey coloured glass bottle to reflect the smoky flavour, Johnnie Walker Double Black retains the iconic branding elements of Johnnie Walker whiskies: the familiar square bottle and slanting label.

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