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Japan’s Upcoming Luxurious Train Is The New High-End Hotel On Wheels

Japan’s Upcoming Luxurious Train Is The New High-End Hotel On Wheels

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While traveling is not always about racing against time, many consider train travel as a relaxing, comfortable alternative to air travel. And those in Japan who need more reasons to take to train can wait for one of the most luxurious sleeper train to hit the tracks in 2017.  

Luxury_train_Japan_railway_east_deckEast Japan Railway Company, commonly known as JR East, has unveiled images of the deluxe sleeper train service that is designed to carry passengers in the lap of luxury throughout eastern Japan and later the entire nation. This new service has been launched to woo well-heeled train aficionados of the country. The lavish champagne gold train will roll out with ten cars that will have room for 34 travelers. 

Luxury_train_Japan_railway_east_restaurant_bedroomDesigned to render the comforts of high-end hotel, the train will run with glass-walled observation spaces on both the ends to allow travelers to enjoy the scenic route comfortably. Apart from a dining and lounge car, the upcoming train also features deluxe suites, each of which will have two rooms to accommodate four guests in all.

Luxury_train_Japan_railway_east_loungeTo up the privacy quotient, one of the two deluxe suite compartments will be a two-story structure. While the first floor will have two beds, the second floor will be covered with tatami mats so passengers can relax while enjoying the scenery through a large picture window. The deluxe suite will also offer the luxury of soaking in a bathtub in a train!


It is reported that former Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama headed the design of this luxurious train. Featuring an adaptable EDC system, it is also expected to run on electric as well as non-electric rails.

More information: JR East