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IOMA Paris Presents the Latest in Eye Skincare Technology

IOMA Paris Presents the Latest in Eye Skincare Technology

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Flash_Youth_Eye_Contour_Concentrate_WHITE_CMJNBy now, I am officially in a committed relationship with IOMA Paris skincare line. So, when they launch a new product in US I am eager to try it and incorporate it into my skincare regimen ASAP.

This week, the latest in eye skincare was presented at the Saks Fifth Ave in Beverly Hills. The Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate, is the only treatment that provides a 360 degree action around the entire eye contour area including the eyelids.

We all know our beauty and knowledge lay within our eyes. Unfortunately, the window to the soul is also the area that is the most delicate and is the first to show signs of aging. Without parabens, silicones or plant oils, this treatment fights dark circles and sagging eyelids with active ingredients like Omegassis, Caffeine and Osilift Bio. All of high concentrate and designed to give fast results, these ingredients come from the science of dermo-cosmetics, various studies and with a meticulous and complex assembled formulas. The Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate is the first one to focus not just on the under eye area, but also on the eye lids, providing a lifting effect while protecting and nourishing.

Let’s not forget the unique and cutting edge technology of IOMA – the devices they use to analyze the condition of each skin and to reveal each imperfection following by product recommendations for each individual. For the first time ever, in just 2 minutes, the eye area is objectively surveyed, measured and deciphered across 5 specific measurement points. IOMA has spent 18 million euros on technology since 2010 and all ready has 1300 skin measuring devices all over the word. Customized technology for my specific skin type, thorough analysis and never before used innovative ingredients? I am feeling younger already.

The Flash Youth Eye Contour Concentrate will be available May 2014.