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Inside Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar At Disneyland

Inside Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar At Disneyland

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
Inside Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar At Disneyland

Take a look inside Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar At Disneyland. Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California is a Jungle Cruise-themed tiki bar with a playful atmosphere, kitschy cocktails and delicious food.

Trader Sam’s is unique amongst any other tiki bar in the world in its use of animatronics, lighting, sound effects, and cast member interaction when certain drinks are ordered. The tiki bar was designed by Disney Imagineers whose great attention to detail went into the creation of tiki carvings with moving eyes that slowly move back and forth, an animated shipwreck in a bottle, erupting volcanoes, and barstools that sink slowly into the floor. Though not all drinks cause something to happen, the following is a list of drinks that do:

  • Shipwreck on the Rocks: The ship in a bottle above the bar encounters stormy seas and begins to sink.
  • Krakatoa Punch: The serene Polynesian scene outside the faux window shows a storm gathering as the volcano begins to erupt.
  • Shrunken Zombie Head: Certain barstools will begin lowering toward the floor. (Bartenders can also just mess with customers by doing this independently of drink orders.)
  • Uh Oa!: The bartender rings a bell and people begin chanting “Uh OA! Uh OA! Uh OA OA OA!” and employees spray water into the air so it feels like it’s beginning to rain.
  • Draft Beer. Beer draft handles are carved tiki heads with lighted eyes. When a bartender pulls a draft, tiki drums and chants begin to play. The more drafts that are pulled in succession, the faster the drums and chanting.

On the Trader Sam’s secret menu (shh) try the Navy Grog, the Black Pearl and the Suffering Bastard. Trader Sam’s also offers non-alcoholic tiki creations that are equally delicious to their boozy companions.

Inside Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar At Disneyland

Trader Sam Operating Hours

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar opens its doors from 11:30 am to 1:30 am, welcoming adventurers into the wild and magical world of Trader Sam’s. These hours are subject to change based on Disneyland’s overall operating hours, so it’s always a good idea to check the schedule before planning your visit.

Trader Sam Destination Details

Located at the Disneyland Hotel at 1150 Magic Way, Anaheim, Trader Sam’s provides a truly immersive and unique experience, offering a tropical oasis amidst the bustling excitement of Disneyland. Its intimate atmosphere offers a cozy retreat after a day spent exploring the theme park. Decorated with a blend of Polynesian kitsch and Disney nostalgia, the tiki bar provides an experience that transcends the typical theme park fare.

Trader Sam Tiki Bar History

The character Trader Sam, the jovial head salesman of the Amazon from the Jungle Cruise ride, is the inspiration behind Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar. The bar first opened its doors on May 25, 2011 and has been serving its patrons an enchanting mix of delicious food and whimsical cocktails ever since. The bar is not only a testament to the iconic character but also a celebration of Disney’s long-standing tradition of imaginative storytelling.

Trader Sam Special Drinks

From the Krakatoa Punch that triggers an animated volcanic eruption to the Uh Oa! that simulates rain inside the bar, each drink on the menu comes with its own special surprise. Beyond the standard menu, the secret menu, known only to the true adventurers, hosts drinks like the Navy Grog, the Black Pearl, and the Suffering Bastard, each promising a unique sensory experience.

Trader Sam Off-Menu Secrets

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar also offers a secret menu for those daring enough to venture beyond the standard fare. This includes a throwback to the Adventurers Club at Pleasure Island with the Kungaloosh, a cocktail blend that serves a delightful mix of strawberry daiquiri, orange juice, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, and Blackberry Brandy.

Disney History

The Enchanted Tiki Bar is a nod to the legendary storytelling tradition of Disney. With artifacts and decorations referencing various Disneyland rides and attractions, the bar pays homage to iconic characters and locations in the Disney universe. From letters from Harrison Hightower III of Tokyo DisneySea’s Tower of Terror to the Fez and pipe that belonged to Colonel Nedley Lostmore from Hong Kong Disneyland’s Mystic Manor, the bar is an homage to the rich history and lore of Disney’s storied past.

Trader Sam Visiting Tips

Visiting Trader Sam’s can be a magical experience, but it’s worth noting a few tips. Try to time your visit with the bar’s many themed nights such as ‘Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki-Tiki Tuesday,’ for a rotating menu of classic tiki drinks. The bar can get crowded, so it’s best to arrive early or visit during off-peak hours for the best experience. And don’t forget to keep an open eye and ear for the myriad of Disney easter eggs scattered throughout the bar.

Trader Sam Special Secrets

Perhaps the best-kept secret of Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar is the immersive storytelling that unfolds with each visit. Every artifact, every menu item, every bartender’s quip is a part of the greater narrative that unfolds. It’s not just a bar – it’s an experience, a journey, and an adventure that unfolds in the heart of Disneyland.

Tips on Getting a Seat

Securing a seat at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar can sometimes be an adventure in and of itself due to the bar’s popularity. Here are a few strategies to increase your chances of landing a coveted spot:

  • Arrive Early or Late: The bar tends to be busiest during the late afternoon and early evening, especially around dinner time. To avoid the crowd, consider arriving right when the bar opens at 11:30 am, or much later in the evening, close to closing time. You might miss some of the buzz, but you’ll also avoid the wait.
  • Off-Peak Days: Weekdays, especially Tuesday to Thursday, are usually less crowded than weekends. If your visit to Disneyland allows some flexibility, consider planning your trip to Trader Sam’s on these less busy days.
  • Avoid Peak Times: If possible, try to avoid peak vacation times like summer or the holiday season, as these are the busiest times for Disneyland overall and Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar is no exception.
  • Be Patient: If the bar is full when you arrive, don’t despair. You can put your name on the waitlist and explore other parts of the Disneyland Hotel while you wait. The wait time usually ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, but it’s worth it!
  • Bar vs. Patio Seating: Keep in mind that the special effects associated with certain drinks are only activated inside the bar. If these features are important to you, you’ll want to snag a seat inside. However, if you’re more interested in a relaxing sit-down with your drink, the patio seating outside is a lovely, less crowded alternative.
  • Solo or Small Groups: If you’re visiting alone or with just one or two other people, you might have a better chance of finding a seat at the bar. Larger groups may find it more challenging to find space together.
  • Be Considerate: Once you’ve secured your seat, remember that others are likely waiting. While it’s important to enjoy your experience, try to be mindful of not lingering too long after you’ve finished your drinks and meal. Trader Sam’s is an experience many would like to enjoy!
  • With these strategies in hand, you’ll be better equipped to secure a seat and enjoy everything Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar has to offer!

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar is a must see destination for any Disney fan. And if you’re not in California, check out the second Trader Sam’s called Grog Grotto that opened in 2015 at Disney’s Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World.

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