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Imposing Luxurious Property With Outstanding Views: CH House in Mexico

Imposing Luxurious Property With Outstanding Views: CH House in Mexico

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GLR Arquitectos, through the efforts of Gilberto L. Rodríguez, redesigned in a privileged establishment within Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico – The CH House, reborn from an old home to aid the rediscovery of its outstanding views. Refurbished in 2013, the 850 square meters residence seen through the eyes of Jorge Taboada, benefits from high quality materials for its construction, from the traditional grey oak wood to the exposed concrete and black granite facades, up to the white stucco concurs to a mixture of contemporary and sophisticated, indoor and outdoor, character. Having conserved a small part of the old garden, the back part of the house forms a safe haven, leaving a tight meditative green dot, with solid features courtesy of the beautiful original existing rock.

ch house front daytime and main door-01On this exclusive visual effect relish the kitchen, breakfast, family room and master bedroom somehow reassuring indirectly that the family time, family bond and all adjacent connections are to be solid and unbreakable. The frontline of the estate is dominated by a large half-covered ledge that is build around a boundless swimming pool, thus removing for a short period the thought of an urban emplacement, keeping us in an enchanting huge greenery from the nearby Country Club golf course. Natural light floods the house due to the curved exposed concrete skylights, the inner parts of the house boasting on the unique effects the sun produce, the natural light dancing in the large, double height living room. The bedrooms, home theatre or the office only come to complete the program.

ch house view living room and rounded ceiling-01ch house living room and upper office area-01ch house white couch and book reading area-01 ch house - view of 2nd living room area - couch and tv-01ch house ground floor - view of inner wall decor-01ch house round table white chairs-01ch house view of back mini garden and rock wall-01ch house view from swimming pool area-01ch house bathroom area-01