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How to Get a Free Upgrade to First Class

How to Get a Free Upgrade to First Class

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How to Get a Free Upgrade to First ClassWant to be upgraded to first class seats on your next flight? Frequent flyer miles, a nicely pressed suit, a broken limb or two, and impeccable manners are a few of the ways passengers can improve their chances of scoring a free upgrade, according to a survey of 700 flight attendants.

In a poll carried out by Skyscanner, 61 per cent of flight attendants said they have bumped flyers from economy to premium class cabins.

The most likely passenger to score a free upgrade?

A well-dressed man in his 30s, who is travelling solo.

The least likely to win favours from cabin crew, meanwhile?

Travelling groups of women such as bachelorette parties, as well as girls in their late teens wearing suggestive, revealing clothing.

Nearly three-quarters of flight attendants also said they were more inclined to look favourably on passengers who fly solo and boast loyalty cards loaded with frequent flyer miles and premium status.

Another factor that significantly raises your chance of scoring a seat up front for free?

It seems flight attendants have a pitying eye for those with broken limbs, as nearly two-thirds of respondents said these passengers were likelier to get bumped.

The survey also found that cabin crew likewise appreciate good old-fashioned manners as well.