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Hornitos Lime Shot, Tequila Review

Hornitos Lime Shot, Tequila Review

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hornitos-lime-shotFlavored spirits are all the rage these days as liquor makers try and tap into the latest trends that will boast sales. Most of the efforts fall flat due to poor execution or the fact the idea was a bad thing to begin with. So we give credit when we find something that hits the mark – which is exactly what tequila maker Hornitos has done with its Lime Shot.

Hornitos Lime Shot takes 100% blue agave tequila and infuses it with a hint of lime and a touch of salt. The result, according to our taste testers, is that Hornitos has succeeded quite well with this endeavor. While Hornitos Lime Shot is not going replace the classic tequila/lime/salt ritual, this is a very drinkable tequila that can be poured straight into a glass (no muss, no fuss) and drunk as a shot or sipped.

We should point out that Hornitos Lime Shot really shines when served chilled. Every tester was impressed after the drink came out of the freezer. It was fine at room temperature, but chilled was the best way to enjoy this spirit.

Whether taken in shots or sipped, the drink has a pleasant lime scent. On the taste, the lime is less sour and more sweet, but not sickly sweet. It was smooth and even, the white tequila taste emerging at the end. The finish is sweet, warm and pleasant.

Our testers felt the Hornitos Lime Shot would work well in a variety of cocktails, such as a margarita, or with a splash of tonic or orange juice.

Hornitos Lime Shot puts a simple and effective spin on your classic tequila ritual. It might not be the bottle you pull out when you are looking for top-shelf tequila, but it won’t disappoint when you’re looking for a satisfying and refreshing drink.

And one final thing to like about Hornitos Lime Shot is the price – at $18-20 it’s a bargain.