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Horn iPod Dock by Shi-hyung Jeon

Horn iPod Dock by Shi-hyung Jeon

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Architect Shi-hyung Jeon has designed this beautiful iPod dock dubbed as the ‘Horn’, an art piece for iPod made of HI-MACS which delivers a full spectrum of sound in a podium shaped like traditional Han-bok and Beo-seon clothes.

Jeon tested several different materials before settling on the material. Says LG Hausys (the makers of HI-MACS), “This was due to its non-porous features and to the minimal vibrations that the material generates in contact with the speakers. Therefore HI-MACS helps to drive the vibration of the speaker enclosure and it allows minimal diffraction of sound, with a curved design that generates the purest result from the music.”

The cone in the Horn iPod Dock features a slot to fix your iPod, four speakers, which are smartly hidden between the layers of the dock. The outer thick layer focuses the sound and prevents it from spreading to outside so that you can listen to good quality music free of diffraction. The Horn iPod dock amplifier delivers an output of 25W and the frequency ranges from 47Hz to 20Khz.