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Highly Contemporary Hotel Viura in Spain

Highly Contemporary Hotel Viura in Spain

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Hotel Viura is a contemporary accommodation unit located in Villabuena de Álava in the Rioja Alavesa, Spain. Its modern architecture strongly contrasts its village landscape and form an interesting duo with the neighboring 17th century church.
Highly Contemporary Hotel Viura in Spain

Envisioned and implemented by Spanish architects Designhouses, the hotel’s appearance is surprising to say the least. According to the official project description, the building is “composed of whimsically superimposed cubes that seem to surge forcefully from the center of the earth” and “punctuated by French windows that flood the rooms with views of the relaxing scenery“.

Step inside and you will slowly return to reality. The available rooms- 13 Viura, 16 Deluxe and 4 suites- all display an elegant design. Modern interiors, refined decors and generous views make this hotel appealing to those in search for opulence and comfort. The ambiance is enhanced by sophisticated lighting schemes and  carefully chosen materials. For more information regarding services, reservations and rates, you can go here.

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