The new Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Special Edition S was commissioned by H-D Italia, meaning (sadly), it will only be available for sale in Italy. Still, we couldn’t help but share these images of this all-black beast.

The special edition Sportster Iron 883 is being touted as meaner and leaner than your typical bike – aimed at those looking for a more ‘sporty’ ride. The miniature fairing and lower spoiler are a nice contrast accent to the retro underbar mirrors. The seat is thinner and a drag bar was chosen for a more fluid line.

Finally, we absolutely love the Italian tricolor on the airbox that pops out on the black.


harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-8 harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-1

harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-7 harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-6

harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-5 harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-4

harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-3 harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-2

harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-20 harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-21

harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-22 harley-davidson-sportster-iron-883-23