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Grande Dame Cocktail from Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic, Cannes

Grande Dame Cocktail from Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic, Cannes

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist

Le Majestic Grande Dame – A Celebratory Sip of Luxury

Straight from the legendary Le Carte du Bar Fouquet’s at Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic in Cannes, comes a sparkling cocktail that captures the spirit of celebration – the Grande Dame. This exquisite cocktail, created by the talented Bar Manager Emanuele Balestra, embodies the glamour and luxury of the French Riviera.


  • 4.05 oz Champagne
  • .34 oz Gin
  • .68 oz Bitter Verbena


A Champagne Flute is the glass of choice for this cocktail, the perfect vessel to allow the bubbly effervescence of the champagne to shine through.


To elevate the presentation and add an aromatic touch, garnish the cocktail with a fresh sprig of verbena. This gives the cocktail an added touch of sophistication, as well as a fragrant hint of the herbaceous ingredient within.


  1. Begin by pouring .68 oz of bitter verbena into the champagne flute.
  2. Next, add .34 oz of your preferred gin into the mix.
  3. Top up the flute with 4.05 oz of high-quality champagne.
  4. Gently stir the concoction with a mixing spoon to integrate the flavours, being careful to maintain the champagne’s effervescence.
  5. Finally, garnish your creation with a fresh sprig of verbena.


The Grande Dame cocktail is an alluring fusion of sparkling champagne, botanical gin, and herbaceous bitter verbena. The recipe delivers an invigorating cocktail experience that mirrors the majesty of its birthplace – the exquisite Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic in Cannes. So here’s to celebrating life’s grand moments, one sip of the Grande Dame at a time.