Agrippa & Agrippina is a collection of stools made out of solid American walnut created by Paco Camús. The collection stands out through its particular design that reminds us of the silhouette of an animal. Maybe it’s because of the long, fragile-looking legs, the irregularities and the colour. “Its legs are so light and thin that they appear to be weak. However, they would withstand the weight of a person.” The abstract shape makes the stools unique pieces of art. It is said that design such as this is nothing but timeless and as the designer states, its creations are born apart from new trends. “What is not in fashion cannot go out of fashion” explains the Spanish designer.

The elegant pieces of furniture can decorate the interior of a stylish living room and they can be used as functional chairs. Undoubtably, the creatively shaped stools add a touch of sophistication to any décor, no matter how dull it is. The standing neat area is disrupted by two uneven irregularities, that look like two animal tails: one is bigger and the other is more subtle. The outstanding collection, explains the multidisciplinary artist, is more than something you buy and goes out of trend, it’s a statement towards quality and timeless design.

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