You know you are among the the wealthiest 1% and 5% of Americans or inching towards the ‘Club 1%’ if you have raised a toast at a Four Seasons property. Four Seasons Hotels, the Canadian international luxury, five-star hospitality company, has been voted as world’s top luxury hotel by 2016 Luxury Travel report submitted by Vancouver-based destination development and marketing consultancy firm Resonance. Apart from ranking high in elements like hotel design and business services, its the company’s drive to guide trends as opposed to follow that has driven Four Seasons to the top by the wealthiest travelers. four_seasons_jet_11- Four Seasons is leading as along with developing new properties, it is also creating something that is unique and authentic to the environment that it’s in. The hotel group launched the hotel industry’s first fully branded private jet in 2015.  The custom-designed Four Seasons Jet takes off with personalized itineraries and delivers exceptional service at every point of the journey.four_seasons_budapest2- Four Seasons keeps its guests entertained by crafting unique experiences surrounding the local environments. At the Four Seasons Punta Mita in Mexico, guests can take a half-day free-diving and octopus excursion where they learn how to catch octopus and bring it back and learn how to clean it and cook it for dinner. While a center stage at the Budapest Opera House is set for the private dinner of a lifetime, in Buenos Aires a guest can create your own signature scent during a private session with legendary Argentinian perfumer Julian Bedel.four_seasons_buenos_aires3- The level of detail runs much deeper than imagination as in every Four Seasons hotel on the nightstand next to the bed there’s a telephone and in front of the telephone there is a notepad and on the notepad there’s a pen. It is placed in a diagonal fashion between bottom right and top left corner of the notepad with the corporate logo facing. Also the company ensures every phone gets answered promptly, doesn’t matter if the guest calls the back of the house extension or call reservations, every phone must be answered within three rings.four_seasons_14- Four Seasons also focuses on properties that have fewer than 250 rooms. They believe that real luxury is in a very detailed, high-touch, personable service that can only be done at that size. Also Four Seasons was the first chain to offer lotions along with shampoo and the first to make it standard to put phones in the bathroom.four_seasons_shanghaiFour Seasons was followed closely by Ritz Carlton at second slot and Hilton and Marriott at third and fourth position on the list of world’s top luxury hotels.four_seasons_jetYahoo