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Five Reasons Why Divas Should Travel With Gucci Luggage

Five Reasons Why Divas Should Travel With Gucci Luggage

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With the onset of travel season owing to warmer temperatures and tulips in bloom, here are five reasons why stylish travelers should grab Gucci’s latest travel collection. Exclusively designed to cater to the whims of well-heeled travelers, the vibrant diamante and elegant guccissima line up includes trunks, suitcases, duffle bags and cases for jewelry and hats as well. Also since a recent travel survey concluded that this year Americans are willing to spend more to get away, here we are to help such travelers with our pick from Gucci’s travel and luggage collection.

Gucci_diamante_heritage trunk_detailsThe heritage leather trunk is clad in diamante patterned yellow leather. Made in Italy, it is trimmed with light fine gold hardware. It opens up to hold all the designer apparels in five pull out chests and removable storage box with single handle. A garment cover with zip pocket and interior garment straps keeps the clothes neatly in place. Antique gold hanging rods with wooden hanger take care of clothes that cannot be folded to avoid wrinkles. A push lock closure with key and latches on the majestic trunk will keep all your cannot-travel-without wardrobe contents secured. Sized at 22″W x 51.6″H x 21.5″D Gucci’s diamante heritage travel trunk is available for $49,300.

Gucci_diamante_jewelry_trunkTo carry all the precious possessions along, Gucci has designed an exclusive jewelry case. The yellow diamante case is well planned to hold your dazzling collection in four separate drawers. The top drawer includes one large and four side open compartments. While the second drawer includes open compartments with special holders for rings and earrings, the third drawer opens up with four necklace compartments. The case also has a large open slot at the bottom. A buckle and lock closure with key holder keeps the expensive collection locked in safely. Also fitted with a mirror inside, the jewelry case can be held and moved around with a sturdy top handle. Sized at 12.6″L x 8.7″W x 11.8″H, Gucci’s diamante jewlery case is available for $7,200.

Gucci_diamante_hat_caseA must have for the lady who cannot embark on a journey without her precious collection of head accessories; Gucci has rolled out a hat case. Up for $5,600, the yellow diamante leather hat case comes with an open compartment and holding straps to keep the hats from messing up. Like other pieces from the collection, this elegant travel accessory, fit for a royal, also features light fine gold hardware. It guards the designer hats and coiffure accessories with buckle and lock closure with key holder. It is also available in guccissima leather and is sized at 19.5″W x 18.5″H x 8″D. 

Gucci_guccissima_shoe_trunkDesigned to cater to a traveler from head to toe, Gucci’s travel collection also includes guccissima leather shoe trunk. Sporting a dark brown leather wrap, the shoe trunk contains thirteen wooden drawers with leather covered front. Each drawer is provided an id tag that will help to keep eponymous footwear collection along with Loubis, Hermes, Louis Vuitton sandals in reserved sections. The wooden case also comes with holding straps and linen compartments to keep each pair clean and primed.

gucci_diamante_suitcaseSince a trunk cannot be carried on all modes of transport, Gucci’s travel line also includes a dark orange suitcase. Made of diamante leather and trimmed with gold hardware, it holds all contents in place with interior zip closure and holding straps. Featuring side and top leather handle along with a telescopic handle, it rolls out on two wheels. Like the rest of the collection, the suitcase too locks up with buckle and lock closure with key holder and id tag. The light weight bag just weighs 12lbs and is sized at 18.5″W x 8.5″H x 14″D. Head to your destination in style with Gucci’s $6,200 diamante suitcase.

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