Growing up, we received our first Christmas gift on December 1 — a chocolate-filled advent calendar where the daily “treat” usually tasted like something that had been left on the shelf at Trader Joe’s too long. Over the years, we’ve seen many creative versions of advent calendars, but generally speaking, they involve us filling in each of the 24 days with a small something-or-other and, quite frankly, we’re just not going to do that.

So when we found Drinks by the Dram’s new boozy advent adventures, we couldn’t have been more excited.

Snag 24 minis of vodka for £99 ($155), tequila, rum, cognac or whiskey for £149 ($233) or opt for ‘premium’ whiskey for £249 ($390). You’ll be a few days behind, but each of these calendars can ship same-day, so you won’t have to do too much extra imbibing to catch up.