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Daily Dream Home: Townhouse by Elding Oscarson

Daily Dream Home: Townhouse by Elding Oscarson

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Luxury isn’t necessary about large spaces or extensive gardens – it’s about quality, dreams and happiness. Forced details have no place in a home like the 1,340 square foot Townhouse in Landskrona, Skåne County, Sweden. It has only a bedroom and one bathroom and a half, but the strikingly modern home flaunting its crisp white shape in between old neighboring houses makes a luxurious contrast with its surroundings. Designed by Stockholm-based studio Elding Oscarson, this dream home proves that luxury lies in the details.

The bright white facade hides a small-scale example of modern urban living while maintaining the feeling of being outdoors. The couple living here need this to be their home forever. Their home must reflect their passion for art as well as their need for an open living space. The floor plan is comprised of the  kitchen, dining, living, library, bed, bath, and a roof terrace, with a home office located in a separate building across a compact garden.

The designers describe their work on this beautiful dream home project: “This simple system creates an array of different spatial experiences in this very small project. It aims at a non-minimalistic and lively sequence of confined and airy spaces, niches, interiors and exteriors, horizontal and vertical views as well as carefully framed views of the site. The continuous interior space is opening up to the street, to the middle of the block, and to the sky above. This openness to all directions generates a building volume that is both monolithic and transparent. All facades are treated equally, exposing the interior and offering views through the building with similar apertures whether on the front, back or sides.