Sunny days have a recognized positive effect on our physical and psychical well-being. Being able to get the most of each sun ray is nowadays a luxury – many people struggle with the stress of ever day life and barely find time for their family and themselves. The Acapulco Chair, designed by Ocho Workshop comes to lend a helping hand to those looking for an excuse to relax and enjoy their few minutes of free, liberating time. It is said that the chair was originally designed in Mexico in the 1950s by an unknown French tourist who wanted to capture the natural support system of woven hammocks and combine it with the feeling of being in Acapulco.

Local raw materials were used in the construction of this inspiring chair. A powder coated galvanized steel frame was adorned with strings gathered in an ancient Mayan weaving technique. Hand crafted by local craftsmen, the Acapulco Chair expresses the need to have a perfect piece of furniture that is reminiscent of both a fantastic place and the ancient civilizations that inspired its construction. Made of UV protected vinyl cord, the Acapulco Chair features stoppers on all three legs to protect the floor from scratching. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, anywhere you can find the perfect spot to enjoy its benefits.