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Could This Shirt Save Your Life?

Could This Shirt Save Your Life?

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We did warn you that wearable tech would be the biggest trend of the year.  But don’t you know  the “smart” shake-up doesn’t stop at watches or other applied-science accessories, these computers are incorporating into your clothes!

Begin with some new body armor, the Hexoskin.  This sensor-filled smart shirt tracks your performance, including heart rate and calories burned, while you wear it.  Instantaneous information is sent straight to your smartphone (or any Bluetooth enabled device) so you can plan exactly how your workout will help you take over the world… or just lose that extra weight.

In machine washable, high performance Italian fabric, Hexoskin features some 14 hours of battery life and doesn’t require you to use its own proprietary analytics app — Open Data API allows you to download your own stats for use as you see fit.

Get ready for a wearable tech wardrobe where tracking your health data may be as easy as just getting dressed.