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Cocktail Masterclass at Harrods

Cocktail Masterclass at Harrods

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When it comes to hosting or entertaining an evening reception or soiree, most people tend to shy away. The mere thought of selecting the perfect blend of cocktails for a party seems like a task straight out of Mission Impossible. The idea is daunting, not because you don’t appreciate the complexity of a well-balanced cocktail, but more that you lack the bartending expertise of say Harry Craddock. It’s true, you don’t know that egg whites are the new froth, that “peaty” means smoky and that Pernod is essentially liquid licorice, but that’s all about to change. Harrods, has once again proven why it is indeed the great and powerful Wizard of Oz London by installing a Diageo sponsored pop-up bar appropriately called The World Class Cocktail Exhibition. From this weekend (September 30th) until October 16th, the exhibition will be hosting a series of “Cocktail Masterclasses”, which will feature the history of cocktail making, demonstrations and inspiring talks providing you with a wealth of boozy knowledge leaving you to believe you just won Top Chef: Just Cocktails. These professional mixologists will teach you not only how to make the perfect Martini, but advise you on future trends in the spirits industry as well as tips and techniques on how to build the ultimate dinner party cocktail guide. Once you’ve earned the equivalent of a black belt in the Cocktail Masterclass, you’ll be the omniscient friend explaining the difference between an “Old Fashioned” and a “Manhattan” as you serve up a tantalizing concoction that will tickle your guests’ palettes enough to send them into a blissful state of cocktail euphoria.

World Class Cocktail Exhibition at Harrods (in the Exhibition Gallery)
87-135 Brompton Road
United Kingdom
Exhibition Dates: September 30th – October 16th, 2011
Exhibition Opening Times: Mon-Fri 10am-8pm; Sun 11.30am-6pm