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Château de Versailles Is Lit up By A Chandelier Made Of Swarovski Crystals

Château de Versailles Is Lit up By A Chandelier Made Of Swarovski Crystals

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The Palace of Versailles is Château de Versailles to the French. But to Swarovski and Bouroullec brothers, it is the palace that held celebrations to mark the royal château’s first contemporary chandelier. Swarovski held dinner at Château de Versailles to commemorate the unveiling of the chandelier designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Swarovski_chandelier_by Erwan_Ronan_Bouroullec_1WWD reports that it is suspended in loops from the chateau’s ceiling and comprises three interlacing strands, each made of Swarovski crystals illuminated by LED lights. Desinged to illuminate the Gabriel staircase, the chandelier uses 800 crystal pieces.


table_at_Galerie_des_bataillesThe designer duo also treated the guests to the know-how about the chandelier’s ability to alter from powerful to dim illumination. The unveiling event was followed by a dinner and the majestic table was set to host the celebration of the new Gabriel chandelier.

Swarovski_dinner_for_Erwan_Ronan_Bouroullec_1Ronan Bouroullec stated, “This chandelier has been quite a challenge on several levels.” Nadja Swarovski tweeted for the same, “A shining example of creativity + technical innovation” and “The Bouroullec brothers have a passion for detail + the vision to deliver a contemporary response for Château de Versailles”

The_Versailles_palaceI am sure there will be many buyers if a replica, miniature version of this rope like dazzling chandelier will be made.

Image courtesy – WWD, Vogue, Swarovski