The Zero Fireplace by AK47 Design was designed to enchant with its contemporary design and warm up the atmosphere with its fantastic elements. The outdoor fireplace brings people together to enjoy perfect evenings and nights by the fireplace. Roundly shaped, the Zero Fireplace gathers friends and family around the fire, gently accompanying any discussions and reminding everyone of the importance of stress free relaxation.

This wood burning outdoor fireplace comes in a ready-to assemble kit. There are several elements that make up the modern fireplace: the main body, combustion chamber covered by a disc that prevents ashes from spreading and the collection of water, a grill and handy storage space for the fire wood. Even without using it as a fireplace, Zero is perfectly suited to offer plenty of storage space when the combustion chamber is closed. Weighing 320 kg, the outdoor fireplace can be used outdoors whenever you feel the need for a stronger connection to the fire element over a good conversation with friends.