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#CES2015 Day One: Highlights

#CES2015 Day One: Highlights

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We’re live this week from #CES2015 (follow us @McLeanRobbins) and Day One of the show was, as expected, pretty memorable. What else do you expect when 160,000+ people descend on a town to see the hottest in new consumer technology?

Here’s what we loved:

Self-Driving Cars

Audi, BMW, Mercedes and more seemed bullish on the idea of driverless cars, remote starts and more. Our autos editor will have an in-depth look at all of these during the Detroit Auto Show next week.

A $6,000 Phone

The Torino Lamborghini 88 Tauri is an Android smartphone from the famous car maker. It has a crazy hood (yes, it opens just like the car), promises to be shatter proof, using glass from the Lamborghini itself, as well as scratch proof. The phone comes complete with a decal, nice headphones, and your choice of nine colors of calfskin and three treatments of stainless steel.

The Smart Home Is Huge

Almost an entire convention center is dedicated to the “home” of the future. Last year, the show unveiled technology to promise a smarter, more connected home, and this year, we’re seeing the products themselves. This year, Nest has added lots of people to its Smart Home partnership. From LED lightbulbs to really cool washer/dryers to trackers for everything and anything, the home is more plugged in than ever before.

Pet Tech

Your family’s four-legged friend has more options than ever before thanks to new technology. See what your pet sees with the GPS-enabled Scout 5000, monitor their behavior when you’re gone with the Petcube, or track your pet via heat sensors with Tagg. Don’t have a pet? You can water your plant in high-tech fashion, too.

Intel’s Keynote

The highlight of Intel’s keynote, in addition to new product announcements like sensors and improved processors, was its pledge to spend $300 million to increase diversity in the workforce, bringing in more women and minorities.